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Achieve Your Goals with Our Expert HR Consulting Services

Achieve Your Goals with Our Expert HR Consulting Services

The 4 Pillars

At POP, we have developed a science and art to customize solutions for your special needs. We start by getting to know you, your business, your services, and your ideal clients.
We review your mission, vision, values & goals to ensure there’s the CLARITY and ALIGNMENT needed to develop a high-performing culture and hire the right people who fit your company’s culture.


We discuss the current and future roles your business needs in order to develop a workforce plan so that you’re never scrambling to find people, overworking your current people, or wasting time (and money) as a leader doing work that should be delegated.


We review and optimize all of the processes of the employee life cycle to ensure these are all fully developed and that they provide an exceptional experience; we don’t do compliance-centered HR, we develop culture-centered HR solutions:

    • Hiring – job descriptions, interview guides, interview evaluation forms, offer letter & welcome package
    • Onboarding – day 1/week 1 experience, HR manual, training to understand business purpose & company culture
    • Offboarding – resignation/termination process & paperwork

We review and optimize how you manage your employee’s performance to ensure a clear understanding of their role, expectations, and accountability so that they’re set up for success.  This includes looking at how you set performance goals, measure and evaluate their performance, provide feedback, train skills for the role, and reward high performance.

All businesses are at different stages and may need our focus on one area over another; we do a thorough review, provide recommendations, and work with leaders to implement the HR Solutions that make the most sense considering your business goals.
In addition to this comprehensive consultation and strategic implementation, we do a needs assessment, develop and deliver training for your teams, and offer 1:1 Leadership Coaching for the small business founder and leadership team

If you’re ready to maximize your most valuable assets, book a free consultation today to get started!

Leadership Coaching
w/ EQ Assessment:

Be the best leader you can be with our proven coaching and emotional intelligence assessment.


Team Training

Propel on Purpose hosted the most impactful team building seminar and my team is still raving about it… There were so many ‘aha’ moments that helped us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and each other. The exercises and activities were extremely rewarding and they allowed us to step outside of our comfort zones and learn to work together in new innovative ways

My Wellness Solutions

One to One Coaching

We brought POP on board to help us put HR processes in place that would create more efficiency among our team and boost engagement. We quickly realized that we needed to invest in our development as leaders. 1:1 Coaching gave me and my business partner the space to discuss, process and resolve important business & team topics. I personally gained some great tools & felt supported to better manage my time, understand my partner & team's needs, and grow as a leader.

Alcides Aguasvivas
Co-Founder of PixlGraphx, Brand, Design and Marketing Agency

Strategic Implementation

If you want to go from Chief Everything Officer to being a true small business Chief Executive Officer, you need to hire POP! They've been a critical, strategic through partner in helping me to workforce plan, build the foundational HR processes and hire the best people that can do the work I shouldn't be doing as CEO. One of the best business investments and totally worth it!

Jose Espinoza
CEO of Move the Needle LLC, Start Up Incubator & Co Working Space
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